My website disappear

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Error Message

[15/09/2023 17:35:18] 226-Sorry, we were unable to read [.]

Other Information

I have access through FTP but There’s no access as NO FOLDERS, NO FILES, everything gone.
There’s no notification of lost of files. I cannot upload back up but the other website I have is complete normal on same account and server.

the Website URL is

Hi, welcome to the forum.

If log in to your InfinityFree account Dash board and go to your account, you should see a “Website IP” listed under Account Details. What is your Website IP?

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.

Are you files located in

or just htdocs/ ?

You can look in File Manager

Solace-ken I got the 404 message when connecting through browse.
Connecting with my FTP client I got: 226-Sorry, we were unable to read [.]
I cannot move anywhere as looks I have no folders, I can’t create folders, I can’t restore back up.
My files were located JUST on htdocs. Other account is fully functional but on my main site I cannot move anywhere after connected cause the message CANNOT READ looks suggest that are no connection to the driver. I cannot find HOW TO OPEN a ticket and see if someone can help me. I cannot create or upload files or restore any backup through the file manager on my control panel. a simple file of 36KB get the message of FTP QUOTA EXCEEDED.

If you go here do you see your account listed?

If so, what is the account name? (e.g. if0_35019083)


If you go into that account and click File Manager can you see htdocs folder?

As told before, NO FOLDERS, no files and cannot create nothing. I’m suspecting that some of the servers. like /vol1_7/ went down and no one noticed. Last week we got messages that they loose to many files and sites but mine were not affected but today, there’s nothing I can do. Follow steps changing passwords etc but nothing happens.

Sorry, I don’t know how to fix it. Admin or one of the InfinityFree employees will have to take a look at your account on the server.

vol1_7 and vol1_8 are currently migrating to new EL8 / php 8.2 servers, please be patient

admin will post a pinned post soon


Thanks for the update.

Looking forward to PHP 8.2!


Even it’s a free host, an email of maintenance schedule will help you trust and put money for a premium account. Anyway, thanks for let me know. Any prevision to get all back?

It can be frustrating, however eggs need to be broken to make omelettes.

To send over 6 million emails takes a long time, and over 50% of the emails generally would not be delivered due to mass sending, hence why we don’t try to mass mail FREE clients on maintenance windows.


Hey, but we appreciate the free accounts.

Thanks! :sunglasses:

I’m getting in a good habit of making backups too. Something I’ve been lax on.

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or maybe have a status page for MOFH?


Thanks for the update