My website can't send activation links

Hello! I do not know if this is the proper place to ask question/help, but I made a wordpress website which users need to log in, so when they are signing to my website and telling them to check their email but their not receiving any activation link from my website. I found out that all the activation links of whoever sign up to my website was just sending back to my own gmail account. I read that when I’m in free hosting I cannot use SMTP mode so there will be no luck if I use SMTP plug in from wordpress. Can you tell me whats the other option can I use to fix that problem?

You may have read that “SMTP is not supported”. However, that’s referring to the mailboxes hosted by InfinityFree. You can still use SMTP from your website and send email using a Gmail account for example.

Please make sure that your sending domain is using an address like [email protected]. If you try to send an email using a different domain name (like as the sender, the message will be dropped.