My website cannot be reached

my website

when i open my website in the browser,it show me white screen with error massege
(This website cannot be reached)

could anyone help me.

For me it works and shows a Directory Listing. For you it’s just a DNS propagation issue, so wait at least 72 hours before accessing your website again.

thank you,
Another question,
I got a SSL certificate and uploaded it to my domain
How long it takes to run on my website?
i want to instal wordpress but when i select (https://www.)
it show me an error ( a trusted SSL Certificate was not found)
i uploaded the certificate few minutes ago.

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In my knowledge. You need to wait 72 hours to get it working


Now the SSL certificate works, but when Softaculous still says “A trusted SSL certificate is not found” just continue with the installation and leave that error alone!

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