My website can not be reached since 3 days

My website can not be reached since 3 days. It is saying " This site can’t be reached"
my website is

The IP your website is on is DDoSed by someone that loves taking down iFaatNet free services. Try to remove the domain and add it on another account with different IP.

Yes, this IP has been nullrouted because of a DDoS attack.

I am surprised your website has been down for three days though, given that the IP address was working fine 48 hours ago.

Thanks a lot for your solution. as per your suggestion I have put a request to deactivate my epiz account under infinity free profile. Probably It can be solved very soon. But I want to how I prevent this type of attack. Can refer any notes for that

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You can enable Cloudflare from the cPanel and enable from the Cloudflare dashboard the “I’m Under Attack!” mode.

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