My web site is down since 12 hours


I received an email from you about the expiration of my SSL. I renewed my SSL and I received confirmation mail as Your SSL certificate has been issued.

It takes around 15 minutes to refresh my site. When I tried to open my site by using my computer and phone, my web site couldn’t be opened. Before renewing my SSL, browsers were giving alerts as the web can be dangerous because of SSL. But after renewing SSL, the site can not be opened anymore even with no message related SSL.

After nearly 12 hours, my web site is down. Could you please help me with this problem?

My other question, when people try to enter my website by writing only www.altinplaklar, the site can’t be opened. They can only visit the site by writing complete [HTTPS://] . Please help me about this issue too.

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I see you have two sets of name servers and that will always cause issues

Name Servers
EXPIRENS3.HICHINA.COM (has 7,022,022 domains)
EXPIRENS4.HICHINA.COM (has 7,022,022 domains)
NS1.EPIZY.COM (has 37,099 domains)
NS2.EPIZY.COM (has 37,099 domains)

login to your name registra and see if there is any isssues as expire ns3 and expire ns4 doesnt sound good !


Thanks for your support. I just checked for issues over Ali Cloud where my domain is. My domain will be expired in the next 20 days. You mean my problem is related with it? I checked DNS servers
and no any problem over them. Should i change them? Just yesterday, my site was OK, but whenever i renewed SSL , my site is down. I would be glad if you could help me more please.

i just checked your name servers with another site I use regular and im getting worse results showing name servers valid only in pakistan and malaysia with the rest of the world showing none at all, something isnt right

do you have an infinityfree free subdomain assigned to your site and does that load correctly ? (just to check if your hosting is working correctly)


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