My web site is constantly ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

My site is constantly going down when i try open it on the phone. 90% of the time it gives an error to open.

Help me please!



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When did you create this? It takes 72hrs at max upon creation for it to work.


Thank you!

I was created maybe a little bit more over 48 hours…

Thank you.

One more question, did you know how i can creat a new .hctacess file in my htdocs?

Its as easy as clicking new file under the online FTP client and naming it that, or creating a .htaccess file locally, and then uploading via your respective FTP client to /htdocs/

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I am a bit dumb in this matter. what is online FTP?

Can you explain the steps to me please?

The one that is marked File Manager is your online FTP client. To upload through there, you click that button and will be greeted with a page that should look like this.

Click the htdocs folder, and then click this button.
Select this. image
Enter .htaccess into the box.
And you’ll have a new empty file ready to receive programming instructions.
Documentation and an overview can be found here.

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