My web page get's redirected now

It was fine for most of the day today, now instead of loading it brings up some strange looking page on Chrome and won’t load at all on Firefox. Here is the url

Hello there.

I am assuming you are the same user that posted on the byet form some time ago, as the username is the same and the content is also the same.

Similar to your other topic (I agree with Buke Knight and TinkerMan), it is working fine for me, and the issue is probably with your browser.

Also, “weird error” does not help, what is the error.


Here’s a screen shot of what shows up on Firefox

Try Cloudflare dns:

Also, your site is working fine for me.


I don’t understand why it works for other people except me. IDK what to do.

The same thing happens on Infinityfree, Byethost, and x10hosting. It works fine for a few hours then starts bringing up different pages instead of the correct page. The only one that works without failure is on 000webhost but it has the page watermarked. Not good.

What is cloudflare and how do I use it.

You can’t use Cloudflare because you don’t have a custom domain, but you can use Cloudflare DNS on your computer.

Also, read this:


It seems that some of the global distributed locations of the nameservers is out of sync. From Amsterdam and New York, the correct IP address is returned, but from San Francisco the domain parking records are returned instead.

I’ve asked iFastNet to look into this.


I wish to thank all who replied and tried to help me figure things out. I think it was @Greenreader9 who mentioned in a different post that my browser might be infected with malware. Well I installed Malwarebytes and a few other apps and between them they found over 40 infections on my system. My Norton 360 just let the Malware wreak havoc on my box and never mentioned a thing about it. End result, my web pages work flawlessly now. Again, thanks to everyone for pointing me in the right direction. I never considered Malware to be the cause of my problems.


Great! Next time, browse the web safely and try not getting any viruses!

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Glad you got it working!


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