My two domains has been suspended

My two websites have been suspended.


And the reason which was shown in the mail id was:-
Your account was taken down because you have exceeded the usage limits for free hosting or because of abuse.

Please I request you, at least allow me to take my backup. There was a 120+ post on my first website. It was a lot of hard work. Please I request to review and even if you want to suspend, allow me to take my backup. It’s my humble request, Please.

What content does your website serve?

It was on movies and webseries. But I never uploaded anything wrong, which violates the rule. Also I’ve seen that many users are facing this same issue. I think there is no problem from our side. Also my regualr traffic wasn’t more than 30. Please I request to alteast allow me to take backup.

Uploaded movies?

I can’t upload movies, because the upload limit is 20 mb. And there is no movie which comes in less than 20mb.

Can you give us a screenshot of the client area?(

Click on manage and give me a screenshot

Try to create a support ticket

I also got same suspension reason

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Yes Sir I did. Thank you for your response.

I created the support ticket. Thank You for your help.

Site :
Hello, we have had our two sites closed, or on hold. The second is not a problem, we had created it in case but we expected to use it. We would like to know the reason. And if that’s it, you might as well just pay IFastNet. I see that I am not the only one having this problem. My site has been an animated SEO with legal links or license…

Click on Manage Button and then you will find the reason for the suspension

I don’t think that you are allowed to link to pirated movies and web series.

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i have this exact problem

You shouldn’t reply to me . -_-

it looks like infinityfree is filtering websites that are considered dangerous automatically, my website was also affected by the sudden suspension but I have made a ticket support and the staff replied "your website was detected incorrectly by our anti-fraud system and your account is immediately reactivated, sorry for the inconvenience. "

If your account is suspended, please see the client area for more information. If it says you need to submit a support ticket, submit a support ticket.

Please don’t create topics in the forum asking “my account was suspended, what do I do!” when it says what to do right in your client area.

Yes, the description in the client area is vague, but it also offers a way to find out. And that’s to create a support ticket. Not to ask in the community support forum why your account was suspended.

If your account is suspended, create a ticket from the client area.

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