My subdomains have ads, but I didn't turn them on

Username epiz_25743872

Website: subdomains of

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Hello. I connected my domain to IF. My subdomains show ads, and even those subdomains I didn’t create.
Example: tech. maniues. com
b. maniues. com
and other.
In addition, the antivirus has detected a virus on these pages.
Ads are from NAI (Network Advertsing Iniciative) and Bodis.
Ads won’t disable after adding index

Other Information

How Can I disable ads on all sub-domains?

Hi there, it looks like you have multiple NS records. Please remove all records and keep the records. You may have to wait for 24hrs after this.

I have only and ns records.

Hello @Maniues! These ads are caused by non-existent domain names and subdomains hosted in InfinityFree nameservers. This means that if you see ads, your domain is either not fully propagated or DNS messed up.

And after tracing your domain, it shows that your domain is pointing to another nameservers. Please delete it and follow @Technical.Legendz suggestion.

For additional info, visit these:


Also, as @JavesPotato said, it might be due to propogation, but as Digi said it is because the default cname record is pointing to a default page as so:

This means that you have succesfully moved your domain to InfinityFree, And when you do create a subdomain, the system deletes the holding page and changes it to an IPv4 address of your hosting account, basically don’t worry, it’s normal!

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