My subdomain redirects to 11776.BODIS.COM

my subdomain since yesterday redirects to 11776.BODIS.COM and this is causing me problems and I would like to see how to avoid this :C!! I do not understand very well why, I already tried to remove and re-add the domain and subdomain but this continues


This is what I see


Did you do this?


oh no I haven’t added the ssl certificate, try, for some reason it redirects me to advertising pages that I never established

Please screenshot Cloudflare DNS


I see this


Did you clear browser cache?


it only shows me like this when I use VPN

Then the issue is with your computer. Try clearing your DNS cache


I had already deleted the dns, and it started to work but now the problem is back

in the pages that he sends me, he marks these cookies, I don’t know if they have something to do with me being redirected there

Those cookies are likely set by the domain parking service, but they are not used by our hosting to redirect you to it. Whether you are redirected to the site or to the parking page is controlled only by DNS.

And looking at your domain’s DNS settings, it seems the domain is currently pointing to an IP address starting with 104.243., which I assume is your game server host. I don’t see any web page on it, but that’s normal for game servers.

So I think the issue is just DNS cache. More information and workarounds can be found here:

Also, please know that there is nothing we can do for you on the hosting site. We don’t have access to your domain name (WHOIS info shows Go Daddy) and we don’t have access to your DNS (you’re using Cloudflare for that).


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