My sub domain returns error 403

My account has two sub domains, there is no main domain. Only one of the two sub domains work, the other returns a 403 forbidden error even after I uploaded all my files into the directories… They are both active. Why is the happening and is there a fix for this?

Can you fill up according to the template?
Please provide domain names.


( works
( returns 403 forbidden error


If what you say is true, here’s what’s even more puzzling. Both sub domains are using the same files. I don’t know what a “chat script” is so I wouldn’t know which file to remove. I have several jquery scripts that link to Prettyphoto, perhaps the 403 error is tied to one of those. IDK

Try deleting everything in the htdocs folder for the broken domain, then reupload the files.

Afterwards, clear your cache and reload the page.

You were right. The error traced back to my jquery-1.4.4.min.js file. However I need that file to run my Prettyphoto routine. What can I do to fix the jquery file?


I replaced jquery-1.4.4.min.js with jquery-1.5.min.js and jquery-1.3.2.min.js. The page loads now and Prettyphoto still works but looks slightly different but I can make adjustments to restore the original look. It will be a lot of work to simulate the default look of Prettyphoto but the task is worth the effort.

Thank you big time Greenreader9 for pointing me in the right direction to fix things.
Also thank you @KangJL for your response as well.
Kudo’s to both of you…


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