My SSL Certificate Somehow Doesn't Work Properly

**I have an issue with my SSL Certificate. At the beginning I have installed the certificate successfully in the client area. Everything worked properly. At this time somehow it works on Google Chrome with no Errors. But When I’m trying to Connect to any other Browser(Mozilla, Standart Browser On Phone) With My Url, I Get Error Messages Like “This Website’s Security Certificate Has Issues” Here An Example From Mozzila:


**I’m using the SSL Certificate Which Infinity Free Offers In The Client Area **

Additional information:

This error is caused by the fact that your website doesn’t provide any CA chain with the SSL certificate. Free hosting does not support providing these at this time.

Most times you won’t notice this, because the certificates installed are from Let’s Encrypt, the most popular SSL certificate provider in the world. And if the device has ever seen a Let’s Encrypt certificate before, it will recognize the one on your website as valid.

If you open on the device first (no need to login, just opening the login page is enough) and open your own website after that, it should work.


Thanks it worked…

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