My SSL certificate is not working please help

Website URL - 1.

I have created frist account 2 . and I was applied for SSL Certificate . But my SSL certificate is not working . I think it’s my problem .

Then I create another account
watch YouTube video step by step guide.There is not working my SSL certificate . Please solve my problem quickly. Two account has same problem.

               Thank you....

My Second account is please solve my problem

Looks like both of your sites are using https.

Although, both sites are taking a remarkably long time to load. Maybe check your WordPress addons.


Both of your sites are working on the HTTPS protocol. If you don’t see the same thing, you can try clearing your cache or using a different network.

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you must redirect http traffic to https. The Complete Guide To Switching From HTTP To HTTPS — Smashing Magazine

InfinityFree has their own KB about how to use https-only.


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