My ssl certificate does not delete

I uploaded a ssl certificate generated by cloudflare with a private key and a csr from InfinityFree however the certificate is invalid. I want to delete it and put the cloudflare ssl directly, but the certificate is not deleted from the cpanel. How do I do it? Thanks in advance.

Go the the SSL/TLS section of the control panel, and click “delete” (it’s a red button on the right)


I’m a bit confused as to what you want to do.

  • Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates won’t work, our SSL tool doesn’t allow it. You can use a valid certificate from GoGetSSL or Let’s Encrypt or get a self signed certificate, all available through our Free SSL Certificates tool.
  • Deleting a certificate rarely does anything desired. If you want to use Flexible SSL, you can just use it and not touch the SSL configuration on your hosting account. If that breaks, I’m quite sure it won’t be fixed by removing the SSL certificate. We can probably help you fix the actual issue if you can describe what it is.
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Sorry for the delay.
I finally succeeded by creating a CNAME record of my subdomains pointing to my main domain, from the host and from Cloudflare. Thanks for your answers too.


So glad you got it working!

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