My SQL website isn't showing up

Hello can you please help me with my problem, my SQL website is not showing up, but my db_connection is correct what would be the solution for my problem?

Hi and welcome to the forum! Please don’t post on existing topics not even related to the issues you’re having. Next time I’ll see this your posts on the topic you’re posting on that isn’t related to your issue are going to be flagged and removed. Anyway, as for your problem, what is your website URL and maybe the error you’re having (if you’re having it) so I can help you? Also this KB article can help as well:


I’m sorry, im so desperate to have answers because the deadline of my project is in 2hrs and Im new to this site, my URL is

I can see a default web page. What is the path of the file you’re having problems so I can check?


the path i use is db_connection


No need to beg for help. We are here to help you. But we cannot help you if we don’t have a clear picture of the issue you’re having. So please share as much relevant information as possible about the issue. The more we know, the better we’ll be able to help you.

Can you please describe exactly what problem you are having, and on which page exactly you are having this issue?

You say your website is “not showing up”. But what do you see exactly when you try to access your page?


When I click the site for my domain instead of showing my LogIn Folder it shows up the default webpage.

Right, the default web page. That’s what @JxstErg1 and I see too.

If so, please check this article, it contains some information about why you may still see this page and some things to check to fix this:


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