My SQL Connection Error - PHP

Error Message

connect_errno) { $error_message = "Connection failed: "

I have read just about every article I can find, but I am unable to connect. This is hosted here and the domain is here. I am using the password from the screenshot and PHPMyAdmin works fine.

What file extension does your index file have?
I’m saying this because visiting your website via browser prints out the entire PHP code, which means it isn’t being treated as PHP. If the file extension isn’t .php, you should change it to that.

On another note,
:warning:URGENT WARNING:warning:
Your password is currently displayed to everyone who views the source of your website via their browser. I recommend immediately changing it, and ensuring that the file either works correctly or isn’t publicly accessible / the password part is redacted until a solution can be found.


Thanks for the help. I renamed the file to .php and I received some data. The code is not correct, but at least I didn’t get an error :grin:


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