My SMPT Server Address

My site not sending (I’m not receiving) e-mails via Local mail,

So I’ve decided to go with SMPT server’s.

Can I get:

  1. SMTP server address:
  2. SMTP server port:
  3. SMTP secure connection: TLS/SSL
  4. Username and Password.

Awaiting to hear from you…

@DhananjayS said:
Can I get:


Thanks! Let you know I’ve managed through

You should get one by going to zoho and configure your mx record to their!
And also configure your spf record!

First of all this will not be possible if you are using cloudflare right now cause your dns won’t propagate effectively, just like you can’t receive email on web mail cause Cloudflare breaks the incoming email!

??? , ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? StarkPost ?

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? ??? ??? - ??? ? ??? ??? ??? DNS ? cpanel ?
??? ??? DNS - CNAME ? TXT . ??? ??? ?? ??? ??? SparkPost ?

@“???” said:
Hello, can I use the StarkPost mail service on your hosting?

If so, where do you start the settings?

And the last question - how and where to change DNS settings in cpanel?
Interested in DNS records - CNAME and TXT. How to configure them correctly for SparkPost?

This is an English language forum, so please write your messages in English. If you don’t speak English yourself and use machine translations, please include a translated message yourself so not everyone needs to translate your message themselves to help you.

As for your question, you can use any email provider you want to send email from your website. You can configure CNAME records through the control panel section called CNAME Records, but you cannot configure custom TXT records (only SPF records through a very predictably named section).

Thank You .
Prompt please .
The Postal service SparkPost writes that it is necessary to do record cname:

  1. Type - CNAME ;
  2. Hostname - ;
  3. Value - ;

In panels of management InfinityFree - cpanel there is field:

  1. Record Name - ?SOURCE? ;
  2. Domain - ;
  3. Destination - ?DESTINATION?
    Prompt please , as it is correct to fill all field ?
    The Text translated by means of program of the translator , excuse me if something not so.

The “destination” and “value” fields should be the same.

The hostname from Sparkpost should be spread across the Record Name and Destination in our CNAME records tool. So if Sparkpost says you should set up a CNAME record for, the Record Name should be “mailer” and the domain should be “”.