My sites do not apear

I own a domain named and i want ro create 2 sub domains and i created them uploaded files to FTP but then i could not see the sites (i waited more then 24h for propagation)

Are you sure the domain is working

The domain is not pointed to anything

But your subdomain also not working

Yes this is why i created this topic. I do not know how to fix that

Try to read this

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I tryed and checked all of them already and is not working

Unless you are hosting your subdomains on individual accounts, you need to make sure all your subdomains point to the account your using.
If you are using the same accounts or different ones,Use this guide;


Subdomains are in the same account and in the cloud flare both are pointing to the ip of my accout. You can see in the photo above

No, they are pointing to all different IP’s, they should all only point to one IP for one account

They are

Sorry, My bad the one in the middle was a bit distracting :slight_smile:, I’m going to do a check then i will be right back

Your nameservers have not fully progated, this is the output of detecting your nameservers;

It says no nameservers found, which means they must be in the time of changing, please read this article (if you don’t know about DNS progation)

However check again in a few hours, and they will have changed/


Also make sure that you’ve also created a subdomain for your root domain in the Control Panel > Subdomains.

And yes, you do have a multiple nameservers :slight_smile:


Please do not use mixed nameservers, your domain will not work.

So, kindly remove the & just after you’ve verified and added the domain to your InfinityFree Control Panel as an Addon Domain.

Leave the cloudflare nameservers and then wait for an hour or a day, then everything will work fine!

Also make sure that you have an A record that has been pointed to your domain ip address.


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