My site wont load up on my laptop but will when i use a VPN

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My site wont load up on my laptop but will when i use a VPN. I can use the website on my phone without a VPN but not on my laptop. To even acess the admin side of the site i have to use the VPN. Can anybody help? im in the UK

Without knowing your website URL, I can only suggest that you clear your cache:


Kindly share the domain name


Hello! thank you for your speedy response. The domain name is saniwide.rf.g

I cleared my cache and I still cant get on without turning my VPN on.

This is the message I get when go to my domain without.

" Let’s Make Something Awesome

Your account is all set up, it’s time to build your website!

Not sure where to start? Check the Getting Started article on the knowledge base."

Did you notice this orange banner on your account? Did you read it?

The reason you see this banner is that your website is new, and new domains can take some time to be visible everywhere. That’s normal and not something we have any control over. But you do, and you can exert that control by reading the article and following the instructions.


Hello again, yes I gave that a read, and flushed the cache. I guess I will just have to wait and see how it goes in the next 24 hours.

Thank you for your help, I will check in at a later time!

Its working for me!


Yes ,my website sometimes hard to load too .
Maybe the web need certain requirement ,or query after URL so the content is not cached .

Try clearing your cache:


Hello, checking in like i said i would! So after waiting a little while I was able to get onto the site easily with the domain. Thank you.

This does bring me onto my next issue though. I have purchased a new domain name but am having trouble getting it to redirect to my site. I tried setting it up through the name servers but that didn’t work. Is there anything else i would need to do? the url is

The easiest way would be to point the domains nameservers to and, then add it in the control panel as an “Parked Domain”. This way, it will share the same files as your current subdomain.


yeah i managed to do that, I waited about 24 hours and tested it. This is what i get when i visit the domain.

I added the domain on the control panel

Am I doing something wrong?

Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 15.55.39

I think GR9’s instructions are wrong. You should add your .com domain as a Parked Domain, not addon.
Remove your .com domain from the Addon Domains page, go to the Aliases (Parked Domains) page and add it there.
Here’s how you should setup it:


Oops! I typed the wrong word on accident. Good catch, and my apologies.


Hello, saw your message last night and changed the settings but domain still wont redirect. I have these options on the domain portal.

I have it set to parked like you said. Any suggestions for this?

Do I need to change anything in the DNS settings? I’m a little stumped right now.

Im pretty new to all of this.

I see this now


Did you do this?

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Hello, I already have a SSL installed on my site hosted by another provider. When i go to I don’t have any problems, its just when I use the new

You will also need SSL cert for