My site is down

My site is down. I don’t know why. Can you help?

Without more information I cannot tell you more than the following:

Try removing the domain from your account and adding it back in. Afterwards, wait 72 hours for changes to sync.


This is what I see


Nameserver is correct

Hmmm…did you use the CF function in the VPanel?


If so, disable that

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I can’t disable CF in VPanel. It’s gone. I don’t know how to disable it. I already thought that would be the problem. Can you help maybe?

Log in to your control panel first, then use this link to get access the CF section. It still works but is hidden on the homepage of the vPanel.


Thanks for the link! I needed that :slight_smile: Hoping that my site will work after I disable the cloudflare option. Thanks for the help guys.

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Our nameservers are currently having some issues right now which may make it hard to access some sites. We’re aware of the issues and are working to fix them as quickly as possible.

Do you know how long it takes?

I rarely know that from the start, but the nameservers came back online yesterday evening, so it seems that everything is normal now.

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