My site was suspended for not breaking any rules

About a week ago, my 2 sites were suspended at the same time, I sent a ticket and said it was an error, but no response for 5 days. I did not violate the rules, please open my site, if you are not, back up my files. They were important to me. Please help now.


Please try opening another ticket.


I have already opened a few, but none of them have been answered, I sent an e-mail to him and they said, I can’t help you with that, send a ticket. No matter what I do, I can’t get a response to the tickets.

Please provide your username, so that someone can check.

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Both of my sites have been suspended unfairly please help me.
My usernames are as follows:

I am going through the same thing. I have sent two tickets. One got closed without any response, the other sent a message shortly after, saying upgrade to iFastNet Premium and closed(obviously bot did it, since it was immediate).

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