My site-logo icon isn't showing. Always a white box

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Hello. Like it says in the title, no matter what I do and what theme I use, it always shows a white box. I’m using wordpress and I only encountered this problem when I tried to host my website on here. I did on the official wordpress hosting, no problem. I did localhost, also no problem. But here, it’s always a white box instead of the site-logo, which (btw) I uploaded correctly because I can see the icon of it on the dashboard settings of wordpress. Plus when I tried other image it also didn’t work so I assume it’s something in the middle of wordpress and the hosting, but I can’t figure it out what.

Here’s a screenshot with the white box problem (top) and the site-logo icon image on the dashboard (bottom):

Thank you.

Please note that the Site Logo and Site Icon are not the same image. Usually you’d use similar branding for it, but not the same images (logo’s are larger and rectangular, icons tiny and square).

As far as I know, you can change the logo itself through the Appearance → Customize menu in WordPress.


Not in block themes.

The screenshot he just shared, however, is the correct place for setting this in block themes.


I didn’t saw any other way of changing this site-icon logo besides going on the general settings and change it there the icon. I did on the wordpress hosting and on localhosting and when I changed it there, it would change on the site-icon block.

In wordpress dashboard, in “Appearance>” there’s only “Themes” and “Editor” and couldn’t find anything about site logo.

I can change swap the site-icon block to a normal image, but I wanted to know the reason why it’s not working since in the other hostings it worked well. I believe there’s a bug somewhere, or I messed up somewhere.

Thank you

likely, as I see you using default theme, disable all plugins to see if any of them has hide that option (for thoses pesky premium upgrade options) or reinstall WordPress at this point.

Sorry about that. I couldn’t find any guides online that clearly explain how to do it on a recent WordPress version.

I did check it on a site that I do maintain, but that one has theme with a different customization system and no logo space.

With that in mind, do we know that this isn’t just an issue with the theme?

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I don’t think it is as I swaped to other themes and the problem remains. Plus on localhosting it was working. I’ll try to reinstall wordpress I guess.

I didn’t had many installed. Only used the wordpress importer. I’ve also disabled them all and still didnt work.

Interesting, as this was never the case for me. I always have to set the site icon and the site logo separately.

And I believe this is the correct place to set the image, not the one you are looking at right now.


Hi tiagorr,

With plugin list provided and we see no security plugins there, your WordPress installation is corrupted. The wp-json endpoint is not reachable and basically a sign for not having all the WordPress files necessary to make it work.

Consider replacing the WordPress source files without altering the database. A backup is always recommended.


I went on the Styles of blocks because I didn’t saw any other place that mention the image or that I could edit the image.

As you can see on the ss above, it has nothing about “replacing” image. Not even on the toolbar button it appears when we have the normal image block.

Mhh ok. That might be it. I did the Softaculous auto instalation that InfinityFree has on its hosting. Isn’t this the correct way to install it?

That’s pretty strange, my WordPress site editor did show the entires in the block menu.

Have you tried reinstalling? Also sometimes the security system can interfere with the block editor.


Hi tiagorr,

I won’t say Softaculous is the wrong way but it’s neither the best way to do so.

The proper way is to upload the extracted WordPress zip file to the htdocs directory and proceed with filling in database info from there.

But now that you have your stuff up there, just replacing the files should do the job.

The block editor sometimes might not work on free hosting due to the number of requests. The security system won’t involve unless your site deals with keywords like chat or crypto and something like that.