My site loads fine in all browsers except Google Chrome

I’m not getting an error message. It just isn’t loading correctly.

I have a CSS controlled navigation menu along the left-hand side. It is only supposed to take up a certain portion of the screen. It works fine in all browsers except Google Chrome. When using chrome, the menu takes up the bulk of the screen and pushes all the other content to the right.

I have tried at least 15 different methods including making the entire menu PHP based, removing the CSS control for the navigation and going strictly HTML.

I’m assuming this is a browser issue, but I need to find a way to fix it. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Hello there,

Providing a screenshot of how your site looks like would help so we can compare of how your site looks like on your end and how it looks like on my end if your site does load incorrectly. Also what should your site look like?

So, this is how your site looks like on Chrome, Edge Legacy and Firefox respectively:


This is what it looks like on Edge:

It looks fine on my phone too. It is supposed to look like my screenshot from Edge.

You’re using the new version of Edge which is based on Chromium which Google Chrome is also based on, If Edge displays your site like that then Chrome should also be the same since Edge should be using Chromium’s rendering engine.

I’ve used Incognito Mode to load your site on 3 browsers and that is not how it looks like so what I’m seeing here is what your site should look like as well so I kinda suspect that your browser cached that version of your site so can you try clearing your browser cache and visit your site again if that’s still how it looks like? If not then there’s probably a problem with your code?


Yep, after clearing my cache from Edge it looks the same there as on Chrome. Must be my code. I’ll have to keep playing with it and figure it out.


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