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The site works perfectly for me, try clearing browser and DNS cache and visit it again.
If this is a new site, have a look at this:

This is what I see:


Alright, thank you bro :heart: :sparkling_heart:

Nope it’s not

Oh happy new year to you too!


Had to do a double-take as I didn’t remember posting this lol, may you have a happy and productive new year!



You too :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Hey bro, i know the problem now but idk how to solve it. and it doesn’t feel like it’s a browser problem because it doesn’t work on all of my devices. so im not sure what to do, do you have any idea?

It only works when im using a vpn.

and when i go with the main domain, i mean without the dns caching. i.e: it says suspendeddomain.

That seems like a DNS caching issue, maybe even a DNS propagation issue but you said the domain isn’t new (I meant new as in recently added).

Aside from clearing the DNS cache, you can try some of the advice mentioned in the post I linked previously, such as changing your DNS resolver. Have a look at your hosts file as well to make sure your domain’s DNS settings aren’t overriden there (as described per the article, and perhaps override them if you want to). You could also use a VPN as you mentioned.

If this isn’t resolved in 72 hours, however, there might be a chance that your ISP has restricted access to your website or InfinityFree’s servers, so you could try contacting them and asking to make sure.

I assume you’re referring to the main domain from the control panel, that domain will always redirect you to It serves as an account identifier and can only be used for DNS purposes, and you don’t have control over it.


Thank you alot! it’s working now.

I changed the dns to cloudfare, its working now. Thanks to you.

Yep, i thought its the main domain which my domain is redirected to (Might work by itself without dns). But i got it now, Thank you.

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