My site isn't indexed

I think my website https// is not indexed.
How can i sort this out

You should make a new topic on your own for this.

I already installed WordPress
But i cant see it whenever i search my site on Google

I mean my first reply is only for the original poster of this topic. Please make a new topic.

Split this please, thank you!



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Arigatou senpai!

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It is because:

  • Your website is new
  • Lack of content
  • Not submitted to Google Search Console (try to submit it with the sitemap.xml of your site)
  • No visitors
  • No backlinks (Example is advertising your link on quora)

thank you

You’re welcome!

Always focus on this 3 ways for your site to get index:

  • More content
  • Backlinking
  • Having visitors
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thanks. for i am just at the beginning to create the site
can i esquire more about a different topic?

Do you mean “create a new different topic on this forum”?

Yes, you can, always. But create a ‘new topic’ for that.

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