My site is suspended

Dear admin,
My website is being redirected to and And my cloudflare is worked but host no… My acaunt epiz_22752385

I have the same problem. My site is suspended after I shared my blogpost on Facebook. It says it violates community policies. Had I only known then? Is there a way to revert my blog to the WordPress domain? I already made quite a few post.

Hi This is unexpected and no update or notice about it my website is also suspended redirecting to above link… how to revert to the normal? any solution?

Something happening to my blog. It keeps saying it suspended ( Special offer and Discount Coupon) for no reason and I don’t know what to do!
I have the blog since July 2018 and I have a huge amount of posts there, can’t loose it!
Anyone can help me?

I have the same issue.

I am alsot having the sae issue. I was able to access my site for a minute then it went back to saying suspended.

same issue here, what’s going on?

suspended all domains

Well its a good sign that its happening to alot of people.

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My site is marked as suspended and is being re-directed to a spam site. Please advise.


Same problem here.

Did infinityfree give you notice of suspension? Or did it just stop working?
Mine just stopped, but I have no indication of suspension.

No notice of suspension. It just stop working!!!
It’s been like this all afternoon…

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This is really getting in my nerves! The infinityfree admins should tell us something! We just stay here not nothing anything!
Does anyone knows how I can get in touch with the admin? Some e-mail maybe? I need to work!

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I guess I give it another 24 hours and hope it’s fixed. In fairness, it worked pretty awesome for more than 2 months till now. I hope my files are not lost though. Thanks for info

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No, your website is not suspended.

This is caused by the ongoing system issues. We know that your website still aren’t working reliably. That’s because the issue is ongoing and isn’t fully resolved yet.

Please stop posting more messages about this, they don’t help create insight into the problem or speed up the solution.