My site is running SSL normally, but on WordPress it appears not


If they enter the site, they realize that there is a lock on the top, and SSL is active. However, in WordPress the REST API is failing because I made that there is an error in SSL. I used the “Developer Debugger” function of Facebook Developer, and there it says the same thing, that there is an error in SSL. What do I do?

Use CloudFlare


I just did this process, and I transferred the domain to cloudflare, but the error with SSL continues.

And the CNAME entries you suggested (name: @ - content: my main domain) are giving an error, so my I pointed to the server with the A entry directly on the server’s IP. See the error message:

Did you wait for dns propagation? I dun think so…


Once done, screenshot your CF dns if still having issues

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So I must wait a while longer for the error to be corrected, right? I thought it had already spread, since the message that appeared on the cloudflare was this:

So I don’t need to do anything else? Just wait a little longer for the certificate error to be corrected?

Hello, it’s been hours, and the error still continues. Here is the screenshot of the CF DNS you requested:

Set it to proxied (orange cloud)

There, I defined it as proxied. What should I do now? Will this solve the “cURL error 60” problem then?

It should try again

Okay, now I must wait then.

You have to wait until CF SSL is served.

Here it is said to be active, does that mean anything?

No the curl should work now.

It works now!

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