My site is redirecting to Google cookie page

My site has been redirecting me to Google Cookie page


That means that some code on your website is blocking access to cookies.


This should not happen because you use Cloudflare
so aes.js (?i=1) should not be called.

I assume you are using some cache plugin that has an old version of the website in the cache before you were on Cloudflare.

Just scroll down quite a bit until you see all the calls your site makes ( Request Headers section) WebPageTest Test - WebPageTest Details

greenoaks.gif and imp.gif for some reason are called “too many times” and then fly to i=3
which leads to redirection to Google cookies page.


I can’t access my WordPress admin anymore

How can I resolve this


I checked your site without Cloudflare, and it just works there. Using Cloudflare should bypass the aes.js check in the first place, and if doesn’t, cookies should just work even with Cloudflare.

Do you have any special settings for your site in Cloudflare perhaps?


I have no special setting on my cloudfare, and if cloudfare is the issue should I remove it? Because j had cloudfare for a while now and it worked just fine

Using Cloudflare itself isn’t the issue. Numerous people here use Cloudflare, but none of them have any problems like this. As for what is the issue then, I don’t know.

But your site seems to work without Cloudflare, so if you don’t need Cloudflare, removing it would probably help.

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I need cloudfare because of ssl

You seem to have solved the problem
only your recaptcha key is invalid.


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