My site is down

My site is down.
The url of my site :
Please fix it quickly,

For me your site works fine, so it’s not down. Which error do you see while visiting it?

502 Bad Gateway
Here also site is down , please notice.

my website is down

Bartol your website is fine I tried in my phone

right now it’s okay
Every now and then it crashes

Also my website is down

Is any problem with server ?

my site is down over 5 minuts, back for another 5 and another time is down.
Please see even this says my site is down, please fix sir.

Yeah my website is down too. Yours is currently down as I type this. It seems there is some issues going on with servers being down or ddosed? Not a good sign. I hope this gets fixed immediately!

The IP address your website is hosted on,, is currently being attacked. It will be unavailable for a time until the attack is over. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Thanks sir for informing this . But I have one more issue, my parked domain( not showing properly, I mean images are missing from the site , but is working please fix this

You need to change the website URL from the subdomain’s wp-admin page to point to the parked domain to fix that.


Okay sir thank you

Could you please guide where I should do that? :sweat_smile:

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