My site is down

I put in a forum report and no one has seem to have fixed the issue. My site is

Is your domain added to your account?

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Yes I believe someone is DDoSing the server

My site is still down and no one has done anything to bring it back up? Can I just make another account to fix this issue?

No someone from india is DDoSing the server cause he is targeting the server my site is on cause my site is used to report scammers. I have his full info.

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Well, why don’t you have him arrested? You can tip anymously. And it is a cybercrime and therfore illegal unless india cyberlaws are obscure.

That’s the thing if you have money you can give it to the police and they won’t arrest you over in India their government is super corrupt

Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2011, which provides a mechanism to investigate alleged corruption and misuse of power by public servants and also protect anyone who exposes alleged wrongdoing in government bodies, projects and offices, has received the assent of the President of India on 9 May 2014, and (as of 2 August) is pending for notification by the Central Government.[74][75]
- Wikipedia

You will be protected by this act and there are many cybercrime call centers.

Cyber crime cells have been set up in major cities, but still most cases remain unreported due to a lack of awareness.[8]

List of Cyber Crime Cells:[9][10]

  • Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (New Delhi)
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (Mumbai)
  • cyber Crime Investigation Cell (Noida)
  • Cyber Crime Police Station, Hyderabad City Police
  • Cyber Crime Police Station, CID, Hyderabad
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Unit (CCIU)
  • Cyber Crime Cell Rajasthan
  • Cyber Crime Cell Punjab

My site is being DDoSed. I know who is DDoSing mine but if me and you are on the same server then that would explain why.

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My site is under a DDoS attack!


I know the person who is doing and have his real name and address.

Hey @ChallengerTechSoluti

I’m no IT expert but check your domain is using cloudflare. (checked on:

Since cloudflare has ddos protection enabled, how did the person know to ddos the inifinityfree server that is on a different IP?
It could simply be a hardware fault that needs fixing.

I have a 522 error and it does seem like the hosting server is down at the moment.

I’ve merged all your posts into a single topic. If you have a question about your website or why it’s not working, please create ONE topic to describe and discuss the issue. Please don’t create multiple topics about the issue, as well as hijacking a few topics from others as well. Doing so scatters the discussion of your own issue over multiple topics, which makes it hard for anyone trying to fully understand what’s going on, and hijacking other people’s topics means we can’t help them properly either.

If you’re 100% sure that another person has the EXACT same issue, you can reply to their topic. If you’re not sure, create a single new topic.

Now, as for your website itself, I currently see a parking page on the domain. Can you please check your DNS settings at Cloudflare and validate that your domain name is still pointing to your website IP? Because that page looks like a Bodis parking page.


I wasn’t using cloudflare when the dude iniated the attack i added cloudflare during the attack

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if the ddos attack happened because of your website, I can only say you’re knowledge is too basic to run a website to report scammers, and perhaps the admins need to review if your site breaches the TOS.

here we all sit with 522 errors as you were not diligent enough to mask the host IP.

Well it is the hosting providers fault for no using DDoS protection on their servers as well. If they want DDoS protection they can get a service from I use them for my private IP from DDoS attacks they have good service

same isue

Look we all share the same servers and there no need to blame him. We all start out with some knowledge, but not with experience. And the free domains Infinityfree provides are subdomains, which, unless you use Cloudflare Enterprise is not supported. @WashYourHands There is no need to put the blame on him. It is the attacker’s fault he decided to do it. And I don’t see how you mask it. Even with using a server as a gateway, attackers can still DDOS the gateway. It does not breach the TOS under the items listed (but not limited to, so it could; but most likely not.


My website , a free subdomain is down as well.
It seems a global issue with Any idea when it will be fixed

Thank you

It’s a DDoS attack on a specific website IP. Any domain name which uses that website IP is affected. Some websites on are down, but most are not. The same goes for, which is just another domain which is used for free subdomains. The domain name itself is working fine, and so are most of the sites on it.


Thank you for the explanation. So, what does this mean ? When it will be back online?