My site is down since 24 hours

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I use these NAMESERVER at


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was working fine until yesterday.
BTW visitors are NOT redirected to

Well, it turns out that you simply uploaded a file that did not sit well with the InfinityFree server, and that is why it was suspended, I would recommend that you open a support ticket.
Also keep in mind, that you cannot make online chats, or use harmful scripts that affect the servers of InfnityFree, My Own free host, Byet host, and Ifastnet.

  1. which file did I uploaded?
  2. how could I open a support ticket?
  3. I never used online chat on my site


I cannot open any support ticket since my site has never ever been deactivated:

This is a global issue, please wait for Admin

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I see, I’ll patiently wait.


The monitor Posidonia Url ( is back UP (HTTP 200 - OK) (It was down for 16 hours, 25 minutes and 26 seconds).

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