My site is down. Global Problem?

My site is, when I want to connect the site, although my site is not suspended it views

yes this is a global problem i got it too


Its online now :wink:


My site was working but it’s down right now. Come on this is not a child play !!! Pls fix it asap.

Im not a darned staff member here. This is on IFastNet’s part. (They sponser this free hosting service). And note, that they try their best ok?
And make sure you didnt get suspended for something actually real.


I was scared too, looks like its an issue for everyone. They actually just fixed the issue but it will take a few hours to take effect. Active domains redirecting to / Login Issues

Hopefully sharing this helps you breath a little easier, I know how it feels, it sucks. I was devastated at first when my site went down.


My all sites, are down.

Again my site is down, this is really disturbing :frowning:

Edit : And now its up, down up down up like a game :slight_smile:

I know this is free hosting but this is getting boring. My site is down again. :rage:

Edit : And its up again. Pls don’t do that, its not good for visitors.

Please understand that we’ve already acknowledged this as a system issue. We know it’s bad for visitors and we don’t want this to happen for you. It’s not like we’re turning your site off and on as a joke. It’s a problem we don’t want to happen just as much as you do.


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