My site is constantly being suspended

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Meu site é uma plataforma de musica entretenimento e noticia

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My site is constantly hanging, I’ve already researched the error and found a topic about CPU limits which is topic = 49328.
I’ve already tried to uninstall several plugins, but I keep getting the error, in the thread, I also found something that said this error can happen due to the number of visits, but I need visits on my website to enable Adsense and increase my business to a level considered in the my country, please i need help.
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Your account was suspended because you hit the CPU Limits. Learn more about this limit.
Your account will be reactivated automatically in 8 hours from now.

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In your cPanel under Metrics there should be an option called Account Statistics, click on that it will give you more stats it should help you determine what is actually doing the damage.

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It’s Also With Me
Migrate To x10hosting
It is better

Since you are using WordPress, disable as many plugins and themes as possible, including all backup plugins!


Says it’s CPU limit
How can I never get this error again

How do I migrate?
does it have free hosting?

I’ve already done this procedure and nothing
how can i do not receive this error anymore?

Using a cdn may help, as it sends most of the file requests to the cdn server and some specific to the origin server. This gradually decreases the cpu processing.

try this

and how do i use a cdn, and can you please tell me what a cdn is

I will try to use the plugin, if it gives you the right warning

but I’ve read this article, there is another way to solve this problem in another way

Use it if you want perpectual suspension loop

Try this:

It is basically a server which u pay for. It will load your site files from their server, instead of the infinityfree server. This will speed up because they have many servers across the world.

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