My site is blank

My site was working correctly the day I put in the hosting, the other morning was also normal, but the afternoon went blank and I can no longer access, and did not make any changes to the files. could someone tell me what happened or what might have happened?

my site is:

can you access to your hosting plan?

it gives me:

An Error Was Encountered

The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.

do you use word press?

That error doesn’t have the WordPress styling; it’s the buggy website maker that sometimes gives errors. I suggest you to delete all the files created by the website maker and install WordPress on your website.

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The site appears to be built with CodeIgniter. I’m not that familiar with CodeIgniter, but looking at the files currently on your account, it looks like many of them went missing.

If you have a backup of the files, I would recommend to upload those files to your existing website to restore any missing content. If you don’t have any backup, maybe copying a fresh copy of your website software on top of your site will bring it back.

I don’t know which software you’re using, let alone how it’s maintenance is normally done, but the procedures from this article may help. The article is about WordPress, but the instructions can be applied to other websites as well.

As to why the files went missing, I have no idea.

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no i don’t use wordpress

não sei como fazer isso

Please speak in English!

I have a backup yes and I will check the files to see which ones are missing, thanks for the answer, I’ll take a look at the article too, thanks

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