My Site Home Page is Blank After Using Site Builder

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I started to use the site builder and then decided to not use it again, but ever since I deleted my site from the site builder, my site isn’t working anymore.

How do I put my site back to normal by using a Wordpress theme?

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Hi warly1234,

Site Builders have their own storage methods apart from regular WordPress pages, you need to re-install that site builder you used to see if your data is still there. Hopefully, it wasn’t lost during uninstallation.

Site builders have to store both the rendered content as well as the structure of the building blocks, so in technical development, they don’t have much choice other than creating their own storage, which means you’ll likely have to either stick to what you chose to use, or rebuild everything on a separate WordPress site setup by referencing the one you are going to restore.



If you delete a site, the site is deleted. That’s how it works. I don’t know what else you expected to happen.

The code published by contains a license check that verifies that the site is still active on’s side. That license is revoked when you delete the site builder in our panel. So if you delete the installation, your website will stop working. If you don’t want it to stop working, you must replace it with a site that’s not powered by first. Or just don’t delete the site, of course.

You can recreate the site in the Site Builders menu and publish it from there. However, since you deleted your previous site, that site is gone.

If you’d rather switch to WordPress, you can simply go into the file manager, find the htdocs folder of your site, and delete all the files there. Then, go into Softaculous and install WordPress.


Thanks, that’s all I needed to know

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