My site held hostage for $$?

I wanted to try out your free hosting option, before purchasing, and it hit the limit apparently, and is suspended. The site is a wordpress with 2 plugins and 2 photos…

Fine, I understand, but the fact I cannot transfer my dns or access my cpanel is pretty infuriating. I am locked out, and have decided to go to another host. However now my dns won’t change, and my website is now effectively an ad for your hosting services… I’d rather have my site up with an ad somewhere on the page than down… I suggest you rethink your business model.

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Please take note that InfinityFree does not have control of your domain in any way. InfinityFree is a hosting provider and not a domain name provider. InfinityFree’s job is to host your website and not to control your domain. You can change to other host anytime by changing your nameservers to something else. Nobody is taking hostage of your domain.

That’s just the suspended page, every site that gets suspended will redirect to that page. It will be gone once your account have been reactivated.
Check the following knowledge base articles for more info:

InfinityFree would not inject any ads in your site, just like what they said on their homepage.


Well I have changed the DNS through Godaddy, and it still just forwards to “suspended site”… I have waited over 2 hours since changing the dns…

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DNS propagation will take up to 24-48 hours to fully propagate. You’ll have to patiently wait.


Its actually NOT the DNS propagation… The Infinity cpanel on my new host, is saying I am already registered on another host in cpanel for my domain name - and will not add it until I can REMOVE the domain name on my suspended account, which is impossible because I can’t access the control panel.


Even if you won’t delete the domain in the Control Panel, if you changed your nameservers to something else then you can just ignore it as it won’t have any effect on your domain.

Also you may want to check the following KB article:


Yes, this probably is DNS propagation. There is absolutely no way we could possibly affect what content is being shown on your website if the domain name is not pointing to our servers. It would be completely crazy if any hosting provider in the world would be able to hijack any domain name, regardless of where the domain is hosted or which nameservers are in use.

If it’s not DNS propagation, then either your new hosting provider is also showing a suspension page or they are redirecting your domain name back to us. In either case, it’s a configuration issue on your or your new provider’s end. We are completely powerless to do anything about that.


You must wait for 24 hours. Then it is unsuspended, and you can access the Cpanel (Vpanel)

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