My site has not been working until today

My site ( has not been working until today. The error page is now another. Please help me, I can not access anything! Thank you!

Hello Lila,

You can edit the site URL With phpMyAdmin in the database under the table named :


  1. Click Edit & Change the site and home URL from HTTPS to HTTP


It worked for me.


Thanks so much for the help, I did that too and it didn’t work out. The error screen still appears:

"This page is not working

Excessive Redirect by

Try clearing the cookies.


Already cleared cookies, cache, tried in another browser, but still.

I hope someone will show me a solution. Still, thank you so much for exposing what worked for you.

Did you Tried to Change SSL settings and page rules in the Cloudflare account? if you use it.

Change the SSL to flexible or OFF and try.


Yes, I had already changed it to flexible, and even turned off cloudflare for a while and then reactivated (keeping flexible). Today mysteriously it has returned to work, but is missing some images that do not appear. But I think it will be back to normal soon. Thank you!

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