My site has been suspended
I wanna delete the account 'cause now I have another hosting provider, but the problem is that I have no access to all the files that I’ve uploaded. I want to get them back and get away now.

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I dont wanna wait until my site will be unblocked, I need all my files now

I’m sorry, but the files of a suspended account are not accessible. You’ll have to wait for your account to be reactivated to get access to the files.

Staff can generate backups for accounts while they are suspended. But in many cases, the process of users seeing the suspension, submitting a ticket, the ticket to pass through the queue, a staff member to pick it up, generate the backup and send the link, and for you to see the response and access the link, often takes more than the 24 hours it would take for the account to just be reactivated. So that’s why we don’t typically do this.


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