My site has been down for two weeks

**My website URL

*What I’m seeing is: This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.



I’m using this software: Wordpress, Social Icons plugin, Newsletter plugin

Additional information: I contacted my domain name provider, they said it was a DNS problem on the hosting side.
I don’t have access to my wp-admin, I get the same error message

It looks like your Cloudflare integration has broken down. Could you try to disable it and then re-enabled it again?


It says it might take some time for DNS propagation, so we will see if it worked in a couple of days.


The site is back online thanks. For some strange reason, some pictures that displayed just fine before the site went down, are not appearing on certain browsers. Do you have any suggestions? (I use WordPress 5.3.2 running “Newsium” theme.
I use “Social Icons” plugin (Version 1.7.2) and “Newsletter” plugin (Version 6.4.6). (If I update the the Newsletter plugin, it provokes a fatal crash of the site)).

You say it shows on certain browsers, but not on others. Could you provide some browsers that don’t work. And is there a 404 error?

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Firefox: The banner at the top right doesn’t display.
Brave, Safari, Opera: The VR icon in the main post, and the logo on the footer on the left.
Epic, Chrome: everything above.


On Firefox, everything is in place when I log in the admin and open the site from there, but it is gone as soon as I log out.

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