My site got blocked by Facebook and IG

What’s up guys
Happy new year😅, my website got blocked by fb and IG not too long ago

Please can I get a suitable cause and solution to this problem
Thanks in advance
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Well, you can see…


You created your own mess. You hv to undo it urself


I moved the topic to informal. In the end, if Facebook decided to block your site, that’s between you and Facebook.

It’s not something we as a hosting provider can help you with. We can’t look in Facebook’s systems and tell why they blocked your site.


If I change my .ml domain to a .com domain could the ban be lifted🙁

It’s your content that is causing the ban. Do you think changing domain will help?


FB is the owner of Instagram, so what happens on one platform is also disabled on the other.
In your case I think all free Freenom TLD are suspicious for FB.

Facebook AI (bot protection) is quite unreliable and in 90% of cases
it marks a website as inappropriate, due to an alleged violation of “the community standard” although everything is fine with the site.

If everything is fine with your site and it does not violate FB guidelines,
you can use FB debugger and report the wrong flag,
but that process takes weeks without a guaranteed positive solution for you.

One of the mistakes beginners make is to make a domain and then
posting it URL more than 2 times in one day and it immediately activates fb protection and you start to be suspicious as SPAM

Changing the TLD can help so the FB AI views it as a brand new website (domain)
but then be sure to take your attention and slowly share the URL once a week…(FB & Insta)
and then over time, the more your acc is marked as reliable you can start with a more shared URL (posts) .


Thanks bro

But in a statement, you said; Free freenom TLD. so if I change to a paid freedom TLD(like a .com domain), could the problem be solved

By the way pls what’s the full meaning of TLD🙃

Top Level Domain

It should be. As was said above, freedom domains are not the best when using socials.

Maybe not sure, but your content plays a role too.

Top Level Domain


Thanks but please does anyone have a paid fb ad account​:person_raising_hand:t5:, so he/she could report my website to their live support on my behalf :pray:t3:

I made some research and this is the most effective method to get a domain unbanned

Paid FB account? Is that a thing? I dont know since I dont use Facebook. Maybe other people can answer for you :eyes:

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