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site cant be reached

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i cant load my site … i made no changes was working but oddly so i hard reload page and then i couldn’t load it … so after that i attempted to load into file manager and file manager can also not be reached … is this a problem on infinity free’s side or on my own?

It’s your side only, Clear your cache.

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but i have tried it on every device in my house and its not showing on anything … i dont understand how you got through … how do i clear my cache?

if you using chrome, go to 3 dots at top right corner>more tools>clear browsing data>uncheck browsing history and cookies and site data (leave cached images and files checked)>click clear data

Or change your DNS to or

ok i will do that but that dosent explain why file manager cant connect and why its not showing on any devices including my girlfriends phone which has never been to the domain before now so its really confusing … i understand that this computer cant reach it but all the devices in my house?

Because of your ISP, try using VPN.


it was working fine 10 minutes ago for the last week

i cleared cache no change

have you tried changing dns? if you’re using home network, you may change dns in your router :slight_smile:


i just dont see how my dns setting could be the issue when it was working just fine 10 minutes ago and i didnt touch anything … i dont have access to admin of my router and dont have the time to manually change the dns settings on all of my devices

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can i deactivate anything and start from scratch … because dns settings and a vpn while sound advice sound like a temporary fixes … my site was working fine it shouldn’t need a dns / vpn band-aid it seems unnecessary … i would much rather delete everything and start again or use a different free host because dns is too much work and i dont want another bill for a vpn thanks

No, it’s something to do with your internet. Contacting ur isp may do a trick.


i highly doubt its to do with my internet when the only two sites i cant reach are my own and file manager …and they were working fine 10 minutes ago for over a week straight … thanks for no help … im gonna use a different host because this is ridiculous … yeah my isp randomly decided 10 minutes ago to restrict access for no reason whatsoever while i was using it … yeah that makes total sense

vpn fixed but that is ridiculous

It’s not really, some ISP block websites that are based in certain locations. Like we have all said, it’s not to with InfinityFree but your country/location & ISP instead.

Try using cloudflare maybe its help

So what do you think the issue is then? Do you think that WE decided 10 minutes ago to restrict access to you for no reason?

I agree, it would be ridiculous, but experience has shown that there are MANY ridiculous network operators in this world who block access to our network for no reason all of a sudden.

You know your website is working fine. Everyone here can see it, and you can see it too with a VPN. Which means it’s an issue in the connection between your home network and our servers.

To help check this, could you please make a traceroute from your computer to your website and share the results here?


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