My site can't be reached

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

“Can’t reach this page” screen.

I’m using this software:

Using Wordpress.

Additional information:

A week ago or so my site worked. Domain manager is other than InfinityFree, btw is pointing to Infinity NS’s.

For me it works fine.

Either clear your cache or flush DNS cache.


Yhea, happens that I see it up again now when I wake up in the morning, with no actions taken.

Yesterday I tried to load the site unsuccessfuly from different networks and platforms so I doubt about it was a local thing.

Thank you.

DNS caching affects all networks, just at different rates. Within the first hour or so, it’s probably unreachable from everwhere. But after a couple of hours, the site will be reachable from more and more places.


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