My site can’t be reached

My site can’t be reached. /

Need more info on what your problem is.

Your website loads fine for me, to the default page. If you can’t see that yet, clear your browser cache or flush your DNS.


Thank you for your time,
OK i cleared cache and flushed dns run it over again, and only appears to open the window Your Website is Ready but not showing my informations.
Mybe i should screen shoot it.

Make sure that you’ve uploaded your files in the root folder /htdocs and make sure you didn’t put it in any subcategories /htdocs/subcategory_example/ if you want your files to be seen on your root


Well, i organized my files, without subfiles, before i run it over again i am having problem with uploading one background picture more…


What do you mean? What problem did you encounter exactly?

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I try it few times, and can’t see it in my files. It comes to an end loading it and stops.

This picture should be background for the first page.

I suggest, to let your visitors visit your website faster, to compress your images using TinyJPG, then upload the new compressed images and after that clear your browser cache.

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OK, this thiny site is helpfull but It has uploaded the picture (9mb). So what i look now is files on a browser is that mean something or i just wait.

That means you don’t have a default index file.
Try renaming your mypage.html or the html file that you want to be the default page for what visitors will see to index.html.

Or you can use .htaccess to use a different file as the index file instead of an actual index.html or index.php file.

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Well i think we succeeded, thank you very much, i think i do some changes.
One thing i am interested in how to google it?

If you want Google to list your site, go to the Google Search Console and add your domain there. It takes time for your site to get listed on Google and also remember your SEO won’t be that great as your site is currently new.

Is it possible to link my email, as it looks now??

What do you mean about that exactly?

Link your email to where? To your Google Search Console account?

No, i already looked console, i understood it, thank you for this. Now i am stuck on my web page, where i want to to link my email address to some one who clicks on it to his new massage.

First i did <a href=“mailto:…” and was blue, border bottom and visible what a didn’t wan’t at beginning.

How would you do mailto link lightseagreen without border bottom??

Generally, to make a mailto work you just need:
<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Click here to send an email</a>

If you don’t want it to be highlighted blue, you will need to use CSS to change that.


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