My simple website couldn’t open now

My simple website couldn’t open now, so I tried to buy the IFASTNET hosting service, but it’s still on the To-do List?

Ifastnet paid host has not been opened, do not understand what is going on

Did you raise support ticket to iFastnet?
This could take a while…

Why is it taking so long? The mainframe is always on hold

Want to know why?

If you bought premium hosting, just raise a support ticket with them to migrate your account (If your account is on an IP that is down, you will have to wait for it to come back before they can move your account). If you have a copy of your files/database (Like that backup you said you took), you can just upload it to the premium server.

The payment host is also rotten, the support does not respond, cancels the host actually to be unable, very disappointed one time shopping

Once you upgrade your host, non-payment stops, causing your free host to die forever, unless your domain name is no longer used by his host because refunds are troublesome

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