My randmax site taken over by something?

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oh … my randmax site TAKEN OVER by something?
… like

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some strange page is now displayed there and well it’s truly a conundrom.

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Seems to be working fine for me


crap, must be on this end, this is a new system to.o SHEEZE: other relative info:::
and now 2:04 P 5/21/2023 my site is down, I am banned or … well it has some scammer’s page on it, ON EVERY PAGE IT SEEMS TOOZ!
B O_o !

. then end – for now 8D

OH ! such a nice feature … you have edit here , anyway hugs and MAJOR THANKS FOR GETTING BACK TO ME LIKE IN AN INSTANT! … if I had millions like Georgie / George Soros I would give you a few hehee!

recappage: tx Ltrz work to do here on my end I guess. AGAIN ! NEWS FLASH ! I THANK YOU ALL ! Keep up the good works!

    -- me

Hi, update, working now, even with my scary FORCED UPDATE microsoft Edge browser. See yesterday or ? day before, Not ssure how it did it AS I HAVE EVERYTHING i thought – completely blocked off for updates on this newer system. Anyway I noticed that some of my links to the browser didn’t work, oh great, damn thing updated. LONG STORY SHORT ! i know, i digress, anywayzzz MEANWHILE NEWS FLASH ! all is well and right in the world – once again – so with that, in closing::::: Happy Trails and watchoUT! for those bunnies. It’s the year of the bunny wabbit don’t ya know. (my pitiful attempt at humour)


you don’t have an imagesF0ŁŁdeRßßßßß
as well as the necessary files in it
so they are not displayed on your website
and this CSS file requires them

menuhov.jpg ← nope



Oh … such detail

… very efficient

I’m burning my water recipe a this precise moment, Thanks tho an I’ll lO.Ok into that. HAVE TO FLYzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


================================================== interject
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha I see what you mean

that’s messed up :confused:
my bad, thanks again for pointing that eeeeeeEEEEErroneous item(s) out.

Monday 22
… yep that’s part of old setup, old pages re: backgrounds, I’ll look into that and try to clean up css file.

Again … thanks for bringing that to my attention.




Well kinda~: o

That was a joke – oh well:/ Ltrz OOOOOOOOOOO :open_mouth: oh , edits — this can be closed now or or whatever ltrzzzzzz company byzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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