My posts does not opening it give me error 404

I edit my htaccess file by mistake and now everytime i click on one of my posts on home page it direct me to infinityfee error page 404

Please help

I experienced this problem today!
What is the parent directory name and the folder name?
Check for any broken links (Yes, this is a problem which people face often)
You should not name your folder /htdocs/errors for some reason.
Try changing the htaccess to the new error page.
Let’s look at my example: (/htdocs/error/404/index.html)
Nice website though :slightly_smiling_face:

It is nice :slight_smile:
Well im not thet good with website stuff but i have these error on error pages at cpanel

400 (Bad Request)
401 (Unauthorized)
403 (Forbidden)
404 (Not Found)
503 (Service Unavailable)

If you’re sure that the .htaccess rules might be a problem, you could delete all the rules which are currently in your .htaccess file (or at least the ones for which you aren’t completely sure they’re safe and not the issue) and paste a fresh copy of the standard WordPress rules into them:


Thank you so much it works :slight_smile:

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