My Parked Domain IS Not Working Properly

My Website URL Is :
And My Own Parked Domain URL is :
I Parked This Domain About A Week Ago But Until My Parked domain Is Not Properly Working. While Other Domain is properly working.
Can You Please Tell Me That How To Fix This Error

Your parked domain doesn’t point to any nameservers, and your subdomain was removed from your account. To fix those errors:

  1. point your nameservers to and again;
  2. create a new account with the existing subdomain name (or use your existing account and add the subdomain on the “Subdomains” section of the Control Panel);
  3. add your parked domain from the “Parked Domains” section of the Control Panel;
  4. correct all the links to use HTTPS resource URLs, and also don’t include your subdomain address because if you do the security system won’t let you load the other resources. Just load them from folders instead.

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