My pages only appear on Google if I type their exact URL

My pages only appear on Google if I type their exact URL, before it was normal, but I had problems with ads. I decided to use Google Search Console and it said that my site was already clean of harmful content, but it will be a month later and none of my content will appear in searches again. I don’t know if it was this problem that took my site out of searches, but it’s most likely.

Good SEO and a top level domain contribute to the website being shown in the first page of web search results.


Search engine ranking is up to the discretion of search engines. Whether your site comes up as a top search result depends on the search query and how relevant the search engine believes your site is to that query. It doesn’t necessarily indicate a security problem with your site, even a site that’s safe can still be ranked poorly.

If you’re concerned about search engine rankings, you may want to get a custom domain though. Free subdomains unfortunately have a poor reputation, and may make it a lot harder to rank in search engines.


The same page when I used came first in searches and now it doesn’t even appear in them, it must be in 100th place, I don’t know if it’s because of the free domain now or if I was penalized.

How can I get around this situation?

Came first for which search terms? You have mentioned neither the search terms you’re using, nor the website in question.

You may wish to:


This term: “como desenhar melhor”, my website is in Portuguese - Brazil:

Is that a specific name or a generic term? Because if it’s a generic term, there will likely be MANY other websites that have similar content. A new and unknown site won’t just come up on top just because the page has the right name. Building good reputation takes time.


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