My old domain is still in InfinityFree

I changed the nameservers of my domain. And I can see it changing. Now my domain redirects to “”. But my devices connected to the same network do not have this problem. I just have a problem with my computer. I cleared my browser cache but it didn’t work.

Note that is can take 72 hours before that is corrected due to DNS propagation.


I can log in with a different browser, but some subdomains are redirecting to “”. Why did you say 72 hours? I can access the site from my phone.

Some devices update faster than others.


So, how can I access the subdomain in different browsers on the same device?

If you want to access your site faster, you can try clearing your cache. Currently, I see a directory listing on your site.

By the way, I realized that I can access all subdomains from all browsers with VPN.

Yes, that’s what it should be.

@Greenreader9 I am about to go crazy. This problem only happens on my computer. And I tried clearing the history in all browsers and it doesn’t work. Please give me a suggestion.

You can help yourself with this and speed things up
P.S. most routers need a restart to pull new settings


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