My newly opened website was suspended due to hit

I saw Infinityfree somewhere and decided to open an account. a blog site. I opened it and entered a few blogs, the next day I got an email from infinityfree saying that my website was suspended due to too many hits. i didn’t understand. after 24 hours the account was activated, I entered a few blogs again and now I learn that the website is suspended again.

I guess a newly opened site has never had any visitors. Apart from that, there is now a strange distortion when entering the site and the site page can barely open. then I realized that when I clicked on a blog on my site, I was redirected to a completely different site. i went to https://www. virustotal. com/ and checked if there was any malware etc. on my site. and boom. the result was that my site was e-phishing. i did some research and found out that the same thing happened to someone else on this site. but no one has written anything significant.

Infintyfree won’t even let me send an e-mail if I don’t pay. So I’m writing here, here are my concerns:

  1. Is my site trashed, i.e. hacked, is there any way to get it back, is there any way to remove the redirect or repair the corrupted parts of the site files.
  2. Will this problem be fixed if I move the site to another hosting
    3)Will this virus infiltrate my computer and affect my old websites that I own
    4)This is the first time I’ve encountered something like this, is infinityfree vulnerable?
    I would be very grateful if you could help me

If you were just suspended for the hits limit, nothing else, the site will come back in 24 hours after the suspension started.

Also, phishing is not a virus. It’s only an affective attack if the client (you/other site visitors) provide information to the site.

Also, the domain that it is getting redirected to is perfectly safe. No phishing or viruses there.


I don’t understand. Is it normal for my site’s homepage to be corrupted? And is it normal that when I click on my blog I am redirected to a weird site instead of my blog page?

What do you mean? Your site is suspended, not corrupted. Your files should still be safe, and will be unlocked when the suspension ends.

Yes, because your site is suspended. When the suspension lifts, you will be able to see your site again.


Is that what happens when you suspend, I thought the page just wouldn’t open when suspend. So why am I suspended? because my site is very new, how could I have exceeded the hit limit with a few possible visitors per day.

Please read


The article consists of things we already know and the rest is just verbiage. If a few people have entered my site, how can I stick to the 50 thousand limit? is there an answer to that question. i’m constantly being harassed to upgrade to premium. we were tricked into free hosting. it seems so.

If your website is poorly designed and each visit cause 25000 hits, your hosting account will be suspended in just 2 visits


funny :slight_smile: I also have a beautifully designed premium website.

How the site looks does not mean anything. What matters is the number of files it needs to run. The more images, media, style sheets, scripts, etc you have, the more hits you will consume per load.

Also, humans are not the only people that can trigger hits. Bots can as well (such as crawler, spiders, etc).

I have a website on free hosting that has I it been suspended once in over 2 years, so it’s totally possible to host a site here.


I have used the site theme I used before and I had no problems. you are always talking about extreme cases, how can a simple and quality site where I enter a few blogs exceed 50,000 with a few visitor entries. this site is not cnn international, it’s a simple blog site. how many pictures, scripts, etc. can be in a blog. Does that make sense to you? I’m waiting for someone to say it’s a mistake, but apparently this absurd situation is normal for everyone. Then of course I’m moving away from this free hosting scam.

It is possible the system made a mistake. You can always create a new hosting account and migrate your site over to the new account and see what happens.


Please carefully read the email and client area to see which limit you exceeded. If it doesn’t say hits, it’s not hits.


In your case, it says RAM limits. RAM limits is not hits. If it were hits, it would say so, but it doesn’t, because it isn’t. You’re accusing us of accusing you of exceeding 50,000 while you aren’t. That’s not fair, because we’re not accusing you of hitting the hits limit. That’s just your assumption, which is absolutely not true. Because it very clearly says RAM limits, not hits limits.

We don’t have an article yet about hitting the RAM limits. Until recently, hitting it was really rare, but it appears hat something was changed recently because in the last few weeks it’s been happening quite often. But I personally also don’t know what circumstances commonly cause high RAM usage.

What I can tell you is the following:

  • PHP scripts require system memory (RAM) to work, mostly to load data and variables into the code so it can be used for processing.
  • Servers have a finite amount of RAM, and if the server runs out, the server pretty much stops working. So we need to place limits to make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • There are internal metrics that track how much RAM all your PHP scripts are using at a given time. If your website uses too much RAM, this is recorded.
  • If your account uses too much RAM too many times, your account will be suspended for 24 hours.

Again, how exactly this related to website behavior, I don’t know.

I did take a quick look at your site to see what could be causing this. I do see that you’re using Elementor, which has higher memory limits for it’s system requirements than we provide, so it might be quite a memory hog. I also see you’re using Jetpack (which is also known for being quite demanding) and a backup plugin (which are also known for triggering suspensions due to overload).


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